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17 June 2009

IV09 comes to Barcelona

The 13th International Conference on Information Visualisation will be hosted in Universitat Pompeu Fabra from the 14th of July and the 17th.
It is the first time that an Infovis conference will take place in Barcelona, so I hope that delegates will enjoy the city as much as we want to do with the conference.
I will also have the opportunity to present a couple of papers. The first one about WET for analysing websites and the second one for the visualisation of asynchronous conversations (aka forums ;) ).


05 June 2009

Interview to Omniture CEO has published a video interview with Josh James, the CEO of Omniture, one of the most important Web Analytics companies.

22 May 2009

Will the future be like this?

In the future we will live a digital life. Everything connected, everything accessible...
This video shows how Microsoft sees the future. I definitely want to live it! Just hope that Micro$oft won't lead it... ;)

13 March 2009

Slashdot gets WET!

After a few weeks working, we finally have a new version of WET ready for representing online conversations. The idea came from a discussion with Andreas Kaltenbrunner, who has been interested, since long time ago, in the investigation of the analysis of online discussion forums.
From this work we have prepared a paper that have been submitted to IV09.

We have published an online demo of "Slashdot WET" here, within he web of the Content Analysis Workshop of the WWW'09 Conference.
Here you have a video of the demo. Hope you like it. ;)

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27 February 2009

Perception in InfoVis

Hilarious video of a typical example of an optical illussion

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01 November 2008

Let's go "tomorrow"?

Maybe this sentence does not mean anything to you, and it didn't for me, but...


24 October 2008

Diari de la VisWeek (III)

Bé, la cosa s'acaba. Un setmana de conferència, de xerrades, de fer de voluntari, de conèixer gent, de menjar fast food, de "visitar" una "ciutat deserta"...
La veritat és que la VisWeek'08 ha estat una grandíssima experiència per mi. Tot i que pugui semblar avorrit, aquí tothom parla del mateix, i no per fer negocis precisament, sino per compartir i ajudar a la resta.

No tinc massa més a dir de moment. Quan pugui penjaré fotos al meu Flickr.

Salut, ens veiem d'aquí molt poc!!