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08 October 2008

Apple and GMail

Since one month ago I'm owner of a wonderful iPhone! Yeah, the gadget I've been dreaming of since it appeared on the WWDC back in January'07.

Since I started to receive my emails online in my Apple Mail and in my iPhone, I decided to enable the IMAP protocol of my GMail account. At the very first time everything seemed perfect... However, from time to time I've been realising that there are some emails that do not appear in my main GMail inbox in both, Apple Mail and iPhone. There is no apparent reason, or rule enabled in Apple Mail that could affect the behaviour of such emails, so I've decided to dig into the Internet looking for an answer to my problem.

By now, I've just seen this post in the Apple Disuccion Forums which definitely shows that I'm not the only one! The header of this thread says
This question is not answered. "Helpful" answers available: 2 . "Solved" answers available: 1
Suspiciously this thread has been archived by Apple. What happens with our "lost" emails? Please Apple, solve this really annoying issue!!!

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